American Appar-hell. Witty? No? Really? Not a bit?

My wifey emailed American Apparel the other day to question them on their grotesquely sexual advertising techniques. Still waiting for a response.... check it out the scuzz fest for yourself (or just log onto facebook, either way). http://www.americanapparel.net/

(Excuse my judgement, but I can imagine the dude in the picture thinking this: "arm tattoo, check! V-Necked Shirt, Check! Knowledge that mustaches are 'so yesterday', Check! Trying to harness Rivers Cuomo's ignorance to irony, err, almost check!")

It is our onus to boycott said store. You might be saying, "Dudez! But AA is totally sweatshop free! And some of their shit is organic, n' shit! The sexuality used is a small issue. As long as it is somehow ethical, right budz?" Anytime you purchase anything, you engage in some sort of ethical issue. Often times, it is the usage of natural resources and pollution (landfills, yikes!). AA can only increase these enviromental issues because it creates new product. Lumping enviromental concerns with the objectification of women doesn't bode well with the collective spirit of my household. But do not fret! There is a ethical alternative! (read on!)

The places I shop are sweatshop free, minimize pollution/waste, helps conserve the planet's natural resources, are extremely cheap, and certainly do not objectify women. On top of all of this, these places typically manifest as community initiatives to help the needy or marginalized. Almost sounds like the gospel, huh?

Gangstars, don't ya know I be rappin' bout THRIFT STORES?

Now, I am not trying to 'guilt' people for eating up AA beautious-chested V-Necks and faux-thrift shades. Afterall, not everything we do can be completely ethical, and sometimes we need to draw a line in the sand and say, "I am doing the best I can without wanting to kill myself!" But, my friends, in light of this vague dosage of information (which is your ethical prerogative to investigate further) making the switch to thrift is something to consider. Save the planet, support your community (and its marginalized), stop objectification of women, and start wearing shirts that cover more than half your chest!

ps. For context, know that I have associated V-Necks with hedonism and the devil.

pss. Another reason I am biased against American Apparel is because they promote the use of non-prescription glasses. Not an ethical problem per se, but indeed a problem for all of us blind people who feel pillaged of the one thing we had going for us--->cool frames. Those of you with 20/20 vision, have heart!

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