Episode 6: Sunny Day Real Estate

Notes on the 6:

Sunny Day Real Estate, or as they'll be known on this blog: 'SDRE', have been amongst my favorite bands since I was an awkward girl-lacking 16 year old. I was listening to Jimmy Eat World's 'Clarity' when my sister popped in and mentioned that I would probably like SDRE. Needless to say, old Jimmy has been collecting dust ever since. SDRE signed to the same label (Sub Pop) as 90's juggernauts Nirvana and Soundgarden had , and in 1994 they released their debut album "Diary". Furthering the emotional element set in place by bands like Rites of Spring, Minor Threat, and Fugazi, SDRE took hardcore to new levels. They merged skilled instrumentation with self-reflective lyrics and tenacious melodies, leaving behind the sloppy 3-chord punk that typified hardcore in the mid 80's.

The boyz are currently within their, what, 3rd-4th break-up now? What a shame. At least we have 4 albums and 1 live disc (not to mention a few solo albums by their lead vocalist Jeremy Enigk and a pseudo-SDRE album under the name "The Fire Theft") to carry us over until they reunite...god willing. In the meanwhile, I would encourage you to pick yourself up a copy of both "Diary" and "How It Feels To Be Something On". It may change your life.

This podcast is just a list of my favorite SDRE songs (aka. a pure disservice to the albums). In reality, I prefer listening to the full albums because each song feeds off of the next to cluster into one amazingly epic emotional breakdown. I guess it is a good sign when it pains you to create a 'best of', because the full genius of the band can only be revealed within the original context of the record. Oh glory hallelujah, do I loooooove that original context. Sexy!

Editors Note: I'll now admit that SDRE's original guitarist Dan Hoerner worked with Chris Carabba (yea, the Dashboard Confessional guy). 'Screaming Infidelities' - not my slice of pie, that is all I will say. It is very interesting, that is, the crap that has been influenced by the hardcore movement of the 80's. Although, It is very intriguing to me how one gets from Bad Brains to Fall Out Boy in 15+ years. Makes me wonder where the black metal genre will be when I am middle aged *imagine Christina Aguilera wearing corpse paint*

Song - Album

1. Roses In Water - How It Feels To Be Something On
2. Every Shining Time Your Arrive - How It Feels To Be Something On
3. In Circles - Diary
4. One - The Rising Tide
5. The Prophet - How It Feels To Be Something On
6. The Blankets Were The Stairs - Diary
7. Friday - LP2
8. How It Feels To Be Something On - How It Feels To Be Something On
9. Shadows - Diary
10. Guitar and Video Games - How It Feels To Be Something On
11. Seven - Diary
12. 8 - LP2
13. Song About An Angel - Diary
14. The Ocean - The Rising Tide
*by the way, I accidentally labelled the episode '#7' on the downloadable file, so don't fret, it is still #6


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I can't believe I just listened to this whole episode.


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