Episode 7: Hiatus Over

Notes on the 7:

I have finally returned from vacation; and so the show continues (it helps that after nearly a month back home our internet finally works). I (as well as K) cannot help but feel extremely spoiled. A full week of 30 degree heat with 100,000+ drunk northern europeans. Apparently, over 1,000,000 litres of beer (Tuborg) was purchased at the festival after the first 3 days alone. Scary. In this atmosphere, we had the honor of seeing some generation defining music (Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, Neil Young...even Judas Priest and Slayer) alongside some other fantastic bands (Black Mountain [pictured],Holy Fuck, Mogwai, Notwist, et al) at the Roskilde Festival 2008. It was a fantastic time that certainly was a once in a lifetime experience for us. With that said, never again will I willingly subject myself to that much concentrated urine. Not if SDRE reunite, not if Lennon/Harrison crawl out of their graves. Regardless of the craziness, I am glad I did it, if only once.

(check out the 'festival '08' photo album from our facebook, look up jk vbvv)

*I am showcasing the debut EP from 'Carnival Knights' on this show. Look for a little write-up on them in the coming days.... In the meanwhile, enjoy the few folk-OK Computer mash-ups I put awwwwwn.

*The most important aspect of this episode (other than enjoying Carnival Knights, naturlich) is bent on the patience of the listener concerning the Low/Dirty Three cover of Neil Young's 'Down By the River'. Yes, it takes around 6-7 minutes of dreamy musical navigation to get to the vocals, but if you would just let it be as preparation, soothing preparation, then you will understand what I mean when I say that it is just.....painfully beautiful. This song is the poster child for a slow, aesthetic life. Please, please, give it all of your attention.

*My Morning Jacket is the reason why me and wifey think that listening to 'Fleet Foxes' is kind of pointless. Besides, animal bands are sooooooooo yesterday (there is a certain intonation implied in that statement, I should hope you understand which one). The song teh rulexors.

*mewithoutYou: Artsy punk-rock that is seemlessly aggressive, spiritual, energetic, vulnerable and poetic. I absolutely adore this band.

*After seeing Radiohead, once cannot help but obsess over their catalogue. As I have listened to the albums, the song Lucky has significantly stood out. At the moment, it is my favorite.

*First Reign's drummer, Sean "The Heartbreak Kid" Lang has a little ambient/electronic side project going on. I think it is pretty rad, and so should you. I decide how you should feel. 2+2=5.

*As a rule, it is not corny if it is The Cure. So shutup.

Song - Artist (label) Album
1. Horse Chariot, Chariot Horse - Carnival Knights (unsigned) EP
2. Rose Parade - Elliott Smith (Kill Rock Stars) Either/Or
3.Down by the River - Low/Dirty Three (Koncurrent) In the Fishtank
4. Man of the Hawkridge Ranch - Carnival Knights (unsigned) EP
5. Gideon - My Morning Jacket (ATO) "Z"
6. A New Career in a New Town - David Bowie (EMI) Low
7. Thistle - First Reign (unsigned) As the Dead Lead the Dead
8. Nice and Blue, Part Two - mewithoutYou (Tooth and Nail) Brother, Sister
9. Lucky - Radiohead (EMI) OK Computer
10. Filter Me - Sean Lang (unsigned) n/a
11. Pictures of You - The Cure (Elektra) Disintegration