CTLG #9: Nein, danke

Yes, CTLG is consistent in its ability not to annoy anyone with constant episodes. CTLG is also consistent in annoying people who are actually trying to download the episodes.
My response? A big ol fuckin' a.

-Songs 1,2,3,6 are dedicated to my sister. I figure she would enjoy those ones most. See we shall. The Force is strong with this one.
-One of my Christmas gifts was a pair of tickets to a February concert. It is David Byrne (yeah, of the Talking Heads) performing the songs of Eno and Byrne. Who's excited? Me. Why? Bryne is the fucking man; his stage presence is fantastic! Here is a clip of DB from their famous live show, "Stop Making Sense".

And This:

Included in this simple podcast is the 'hit' from Eno and Byrne's latest project, "Strange Overtones"

-Department of Eagles is a neat little side project featuring most of the members of Grizzly Bear, minus Ed Droste (featuring some dude named Fred Nicolaus). It is good (more of the 'freak-folk' kind of stuff...if that means anything to you), but not as good as Grizzly Bear's monster, "Yellow House".

- One more thing, I have taken the liberty of changing the structure of Chad Vangaalen's "name" to Chad van Gaalen. Let's just say it is personal.
1. Be Dark Night - Phosphorescent
2. Strange Overtones - Brian Eno & David Bryne
3. No One Does It - Department Of Eagles
4. Love Vigilantes - New Order
5. Paint A Vulgar Picture - The Smiths
6. Willow Tree - Chad van Gaalen
7. Amputations - Death Cab For Cutie
8. Let Down (Radiohead cover) - David Bazan's Black Cloud
9. Heaven - The Talking Heads
10. We Rule the School - Belle & Sebastian
11. The Bells - Pedro the Lion