Episode 10: Zazziness

H'lo folks. New Episode, up and at 'er.
While I am here, I have some things to relay:
A friend lent me the first season of "Metalocalypse", and I have now found a new love. I had scoured through the whole disc in what seemed mere moments. For those familiar with the 'black metal' genre, or fans of obscure humor, it is a must have.

My favorite parts in the random collection are 2:20-2:38 and 7:56-8:06. Brutal, yet, zazzy.

One more thing:
If you have not checked your Myspace page in a while, you should. Within its weathered talons lies all of your social history from 2005-2007, which grants Myspace much more power than we would dare attribute to it. Essentially, we are talking about a good way to waste 5 hours of your day checking ancient dialogues/blogs the remind us that, well, nostalgia is the shit.

Notes on the 10:

I have purchased quite a few albums as of late, and this blog will be a reflection of that.
*New Bon Iver from the 'Blood Bank Ep' Expect more of the same lonely winter cuddle fests that made 'For Emma, Forever Ago' such a hit.
*New Morrissey from the icon's latest album, "Years of Refusal".
*New Phosporescent from his Willie Nelson covers album, 'To Willie'.
*New Four Tet featured on 'The Eraser RMXS' album. This remixed recording is a collaborative second look at Thom Yorke's underrated solo release put together by various high profile DJ's. The only problem with this album is the lack of vowels.

The second song on the mix is by a local band out of Victoria called 'Elephant Island'. The band is really fantastic, garnering rave reviews across the board.
And for the record, I work with the pianist/accordian dude/etc etc; he is a total dude.

I inserted a bit of guitar eroticism by way of Pearl Jam. Semi-recently I had rented their live concert DVD entitled, "Touring Band". Needless to say, my ass was blown out of the water; they fucking rule! The ever tasty 'Dissident' boasts what might be my all-time favorite guitar lick. Come on, try and lend a deaf ear to its triumphant majesty....

1. Blood Bank - Bon Iver (Blood Bank EP)
2. What Is More Fun Than A Circus? - Elephant Island (Don't Say You Don't Know What You Want)
3. Deep Water - Portishead (Third)
4. Veronica - Elvis Costello (Spike)
5. Something Is Squeezing My Skull - Morrissey (Years of Refusal)
6. Dissident - Pearl Jam (Vs)
7. Club America - The Cure (Wild Mood Swings)
8. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More - Brian Eno (Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy)
9. One Fine Day - Brian Eno/David Bryne (Everything That Happens Will Happen Today)
10. Walkin' (Willie Nelson Cover) - Phosphorescent (To Willie)
11. Atoms For Peace (FourTet Remix) - Thom Yorke (The Eraser RMXS)
12. Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset - Modest Mouse (A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About)


CTLG #9: Nein, danke

Yes, CTLG is consistent in its ability not to annoy anyone with constant episodes. CTLG is also consistent in annoying people who are actually trying to download the episodes.
My response? A big ol fuckin' a.

-Songs 1,2,3,6 are dedicated to my sister. I figure she would enjoy those ones most. See we shall. The Force is strong with this one.
-One of my Christmas gifts was a pair of tickets to a February concert. It is David Byrne (yeah, of the Talking Heads) performing the songs of Eno and Byrne. Who's excited? Me. Why? Bryne is the fucking man; his stage presence is fantastic! Here is a clip of DB from their famous live show, "Stop Making Sense".

And This:

Included in this simple podcast is the 'hit' from Eno and Byrne's latest project, "Strange Overtones"

-Department of Eagles is a neat little side project featuring most of the members of Grizzly Bear, minus Ed Droste (featuring some dude named Fred Nicolaus). It is good (more of the 'freak-folk' kind of stuff...if that means anything to you), but not as good as Grizzly Bear's monster, "Yellow House".

- One more thing, I have taken the liberty of changing the structure of Chad Vangaalen's "name" to Chad van Gaalen. Let's just say it is personal.
1. Be Dark Night - Phosphorescent
2. Strange Overtones - Brian Eno & David Bryne
3. No One Does It - Department Of Eagles
4. Love Vigilantes - New Order
5. Paint A Vulgar Picture - The Smiths
6. Willow Tree - Chad van Gaalen
7. Amputations - Death Cab For Cutie
8. Let Down (Radiohead cover) - David Bazan's Black Cloud
9. Heaven - The Talking Heads
10. We Rule the School - Belle & Sebastian
11. The Bells - Pedro the Lion