CTLG #5: Eingya Reign


.....this episode is a bit edgier compared to previous ones, as it features some ass-melting metal by way of Abbotsford's 'First Reign', and the punk/art/pop/industrial/whatever stylings of '...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead'. 'First Reign' have just released their newest EP "As The Dead Lead The Dead", and from a very biased opinion, it KILLS! Don't listen to it if you value your life, because it will killxors (BTW, It killed me....bummer!).

...for some reason this is the third time I have put a Liars song on one of my podcasts. The truth is, they are a bit alienating to most. I mean, one cannot comprehend a market for a less emotive/low-fi version of Alice n' Chains. I guess that is where v-neckin' new yorkey hipsters come into the picture.

...even though I am a tad bit pessimistic as far as 'Cut Copy' and 'Foals' longevity (the whole post-punk/electro thing), I have put up a couple of accessible cuts that may melt your feet....or not. I guess it's like candy; you gobble that shit up when you have it, but then its gone soon after. To counter-act the candy, I am serving up a dense meatloaf (no, not "Meatloaf"), manifesting in the slow/dark sounds of 'Low', 'Grizzly Bear', and my most recent obsession, 'I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness'. Enjoy chillies!

0. Song - Artist (Album) Label

1. Belarus - Low (Drums and Guns) Sub Pop

2. According To Plan - I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness (Fear is On Our Side) Secretly Canadian

3. So Haunted - Cut Copy (In Ghost Colours) Modular

4. This Ghost Of Ours - First Reign (As The Dead Lead The Dead) unsigned

5. Caterwaul - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (Worlds Apart) Interscope

6. God Help Me - The Jesus & Mary Chain (Stoned And Dethroned) Blanco y Negro

7. Re-Stacks - Bon Iver (For Emma, Forever Ago) Jagjaguwar

8. Dragon Fly Across An Ancient Sky - Helios (Eingya) Type

9. Drum Gets A Glimpse - Liars (Drums Not Dead) Mute

10. Balloons - Foals (Antidotes) Sub Pop

11. Service Bell - Grizzly Bear (Horn of Plenty) Kanine

12. He Came, He Stayed, He Fell - Ef (Give Me Beauty... Or Give Me Death!) And the Sound

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