Ethiopian Sidamo Nekisse (49th Parallel Coffee Roasters)

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, in partnership with imagine1day, is giving 100% of proceeds from sales of their latest offering, the Sidamo Nekisse, directly towards funding a new school in Ethiopia. Although the bag is pricey ($30/340g), it is a totally worthy cause and a really neat coffee.

Tasting notes:
Upon opening the bag you will be met by sensuous olfactory pleasures, something that smells like tropical fruit and butterscotch. As suggested on the bag's tasting notes (with which I wholeheartedly agree), it tastes predominantly of fresh tangy raspberry (with some tropical fruit mixed in for good measure). Deeeeeee-liciousness.

Grab a MacDonald ($10) and a Queenie($20), head over to 49th Parallel's cafe (2152 West 4 Avenue, Vancouver) give it a french press, and you are golden. Everybody wins.


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