Carnival Knights

Carnival Knights are a tight amalgamation of influence; neatly constructed together into a cohesive gem of sound. Accessible, powerful, and ambitious, they aim at the heart with a tenacious emotional intelligence as they tackle lament, romance, and the metaphysical; this all done while pooling together an eclectic merge of influences ranging from Radiohead, Neil Young, U2, and B.B King. The Knights foster a real love for the epic chorus, and who can blame them? Many share the innate desire for epic heart-on-sleeve-isms, and Carnival Knights creates the subject for our catharsis. Lyrically, the songs resonate within metaphor and mystery; inviting the contemplative listener to wholly search out the musical landscape laid out before them. Their onus is not to be an easy escapist outlet, nay; Carnival Knights seek their identity through encouraging the personalization of their music.

This band is one with every intention of being heard, and judging by their debut EP, I would say they deserve it. If you have the chance, see them live. It is where they belong.
Check them out September 27th (8:00pm) at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium in Abbotsford, and October 2nd (9:00pm) at the Media Club in Vancouver!
(If you haven't already, giver a listen to CK on Episode 7!)

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