CTLG, Episode One: The Big Debut!

Pleez enjoy this debut episode. If you consider the playlist/songs stupid, pleez disregard last comment.
Shine on, you crazy diamond-studded dino's!

Ps. I am a tyrannosaurusidiot when it comes to website technology. I am not sure if the 'subscribe to Combing Through Luscious Glory' function actually works. Anywho, click on the blog title to be redirected to my archive.org site, where you can choose to stream it off of the website, or download the podcast in its entirety. To Download it, scroll to the bottom of the screen where it says 'Other Files' in bold, and click on '51.0M'. Thank you for putting up with my foolishness.


1. Whore - Low (Kranky)

2. Stay Free - Black Mountain (Jagjaguwar)

3. Always Crashing the Same Car - David Bowie (EMI)

4. One More Time/Aerodynamic - Daft Punk (EMI)

5. Houseclouds - Liars (Mute Corporation)

6. Bottle Up and Explode - Elliott Smith (Dreamworks)

7. Disaster - Besnard Lakes (Jagjaguwar)

8. Just Another Day - Brian Eno (Hannibal Records)

9. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore - The Smiths (Sire)

10. Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck (Young Turks)

11. Brother - Annuals (Ace Fu Records)

12. Behold the River -The Snake, The Cross, The Crown (Equal Vision Records)

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i cant find the "other file" in bold. so im just trying desperately to download this masterpiece mix of music. quite a confident statement for not hearing it yet, i know. but i have great faith in joh's mixing abilities. im hoping this will be a "salon friendly" mix. (but i wont hold my breath ;) k, sweet, im gonna figure this bugger out.
yours truely, testimony